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6 Ways to Build Up Prospects on Twitter – Taking Online Relationships Offline

Posted: 16th August 2016
Build up Prospects

With 310 million monthly active users, Twitter is one of the social media channels to focus your efforts on. The concise, to the point communication and the targeting options enable companies to reach their prospects in a cost-efficient manner. When Twitter marketing is done correctly, these Twitter prospects can easily become real-life customers.

On top of the registered users, Twitter is visited by 500 million people who aren’t members every single month. More than 500 million tweets are sent every single day and the social network is most popular among younger people. Nearly 30 per cent of the online adults under the age of 50 rely on Twitter for communication with others.

These numbers are great but they don’t give you any idea about the best ways to build up prospects on Twitter. You can’t just tweet randomly and expect things to get productive. A strategic approach will be required and a good strategy should incorporate the following six techniques.

Explore Trends

One of the most important aspects of building up prospects on Twitter is reaching a big number of people. Exploring popular hashtags and trending topics and then including them in your tweets will give you an opportunity to increase your exposer and spread your message.

There are numerous examples of brands using trending topics to reach the biggest possible number of Twitter users. The trick is to choose trending topics that are relevant to your industry. This way, you’ll reach prospects that are interested in the topic and that can easily become customers. It’s not about jumping on the bandwagon every single time. It’s about choosing trending topics that let you stay true to yourself.

Use Hashtags on Your Posts

This one is the obvious continuation of the first strategy. Once you’ve found a topic that’s right for your brand, make sure that you incorporate relevant hashtags in all of your tweets.

Using hashtags gives you a chance to boost engagement. Hashtags tell people what your tweet is all about. They provide immediate information and they enable users to cut through all of the noise and focus on content that’s relevant.

While using hashtags is important, try not to overdo it. Stick to one or two relevant tags. Otherwise, you may end up replicating one of the following hashtag disasters.

Follow the Right People on Twitter

Twitter makes it possible to follow and connect with the right people. To build your network, you’ll have to do a bit of research.

Scan for prospects on the basis of location and keywords included in their profiles. People often list their interests in their Twitter profile page. Thus, brands can effortlessly discover the audience that may have a particular interest in their specific message.

An alternative approach would be to explore the list of followers that have a similar profile to you. Look for the bigger players, the ones that already have hundreds/thousands of people in their network.

Interact with Other Twitter Members

The heart and soul of building up prospects on Twitter and taking these “relationships” to the offline realm is quality interactions.

Respond to the interesting tweets that people in your network post. If a tweet features particularly great content, you should go ahead and retweet it. This approach shows people that you pay attention to Twitter communication and it’s not all about marketing for you. This is the beauty of social media. They create an informal communication channel that people can use to learn more about companies and have their questions answered. Such information can also give you invaluable data about what people are looking for.

Tweet Prospects Directly

When people have highly specific communication needs or inquiries, you should make use of the Twitter direct message option.

Direct messaging is great for regular customers and the people that interact with your brand frequently. You can provide them with exclusive information about upcoming products, discounts or coupons.

This type of communication creates a sense of exclusivity. It shows that you value your loyal customers and you’re ready to offer them additional perks. People love such incentives to interact with brands. As a result, direct communication will frequently lead to real purchases and enhanced brand recognition.

When adopting such a strategy, it’s a good idea to target Twitter amplifiers. Amplifier is a term that refers to the hardcore power users. These people interact with others on a regular basis. They retweet, they follow brands and the frequently retweet and share the statuses of others. It would be easy to identify the amplifiers in your audience by paying a little bit of attention to their Twitter behaviour.

Engage in Follow-up Communication

You’ve used Twitter to lay the foundations. It’s now time to take communication to another channel.

As long as followers have provided you with such information, you can contact them via email or you can make a phone call. Use this opportunity to encourage social media followers to visit your location and make use of a special opportunity. Alternatively, you can contact dissatisfied customers to learn more about their experience and decide on the right type of compensation/damage control method.

The best marketing strategies use social media and other channels of communication in conjunction. Starting with Twitter is great because the cost of reaching a large number of prospects would be limited. Once you build your audience there, you can move towards cross-channel communication to get better results and keep your prospects engaged.

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