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99 Problems But A Grid Ain’t One: How To Implement A Cohesive Theme On Instagram

Posted: 9th June 2017

Instagram may look like an increasingly unattainable platform to compete on at first glance, but implementing a cohesive theme and targeted strategy isn’t quite as complex as it may seem on the peripheral… especially when you’ve got a comprehensive guide to lay out the how’s and why’s for you.

After experience managing the accounts of numerous businesses – both small and large – and extensive industry research, we’re in a fine place to provide exactly that. So if you are ready to take your Instagram to the next level, not only creating killer photos but also going the extra length to ensure they fit within a cohesive theme, then this one’s for you!

Let’s start, most importantly, with:

Your Purpose

Before you can decide upon a theme for your Instagram account, you must carefully consider a variety of things – the most important one being its purpose. Ask yourself: why do I want a cohesive Instagram theme? What benefits am I expecting it to bring? Who will it appeal to? What exactly is my main message here?

This procrastination process allows you to streamline your vision and map out your goals with your audience and message in mind before actually acting or implementing anything. There’s nothing worse than a failed theme.

Avoiding contemplating your purpose and instead focusing solely on the visual aesthesis of your account is a clumsy way to go about things. Undefined objectives equate to a lack of impact and, well, put simply strong clear visions do quite the opposite!

Your Branding

Next, you need to consider your branding. If you’re looking into developing a cohesive theme for your Instagram account then it is likely you’ll want it to work well with all of your other elements, such as your logo, website and general marketing materials. Match up your fonts and colours, and then choose one to five filters you think will compliment this and your content best.

Of course, there are various ways to customise your Instagram for boosted branding. Some users choose to use frames, stickers and quotes – the options are genuinely endless. Once you’ve comprehended your current branding, you can hone in on what your audience tends to appreciate most.

Look at the types of content they repost, comment on and like – chances are you’ll uncover a pattern. Subtle or not this can be a great indicator as to what will work and what might not, minimising the downfall of trail and error!

Your Everyday

The last thing people mull over when they decide upon a theme is the effort it takes to implement and maintain it on a day-to-day basis. This mistake is an easy one to avoid – simply put it at the forefront of your plans and ensure you base your goals around a honed expression of your actual reality, rather than aiming for complete perfection (and killing yourself in the process, because guess what; it doesn’t exist. And especially not for a one-man band with next-to-no budget!) Be honest with yourself about the type of content you can share and then look to improve its ability to impress your followers and resonate with the masses.

As much as inspiration can help, it’s also just as valuable to keep in mind the phrase ‘don’t look sideways’. It can be super tempting to compare yourself to others and as a result follow someone else’s lead down a path that doesn’t quite match your own.

Stay true to your initial intentions, know your worth and don’t deviate due to doubts. Organic rewards are reaped through authentic efforts, and the best way to exceed expectations is to manage them effectively in the first place! 

Your Strategy

Though there is a real need to stay authentic and take an organic approach to Instagram overall, Social Media is all about consistency and for that you need some sort of strategy in place. Our best suggestion is to plot posts ahead of time, to add into your everyday mix.

Arrange shooting sessions in which you can get a load of photos taken for several weeks/months in one go! Put together a style scheme complete with the types of subjects, angles and perspectives you’d like to use. Make a note of the adjustments you make to images for future reference and attempt to keep it all as consistent and cohesive as possible, including with publishing times and captions. Whatever tasks you can do ahead of time will stand you in good stead, allowing you extra thinking space and time to spend honing some of your more spontaneous posts! As anything, it’s all about finding the perfect balance and then somehow upholding that finely tuned stance.

And last but never least, there’s:

Your Creativity  

When you’re working within a theme, it can sometimes feel burdening. The inability to act on your impulses, without any constraints, can quickly squash creativity. And as creativity equals individuality, it’s incredibly crucial to put plans in place that will allow you to offload, stock pile, source and discover images and ultimately make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Pinterest is the perfect platform to do this – simply create a private board and begin pinning images to create a moodboard for the week, month or year ahead. Constantly add to your flow of ideas and put them through a streamlining process before actually publishing. This way you’ll have an outlet and resource of the things that feel purposeful to you but also won’t end up mucking up the cohesiveness of your theme by making rash decisions!

And that’s about all there is too it! OK, it’s by no means easy work and will require some manual effort, but with a solid plan and the use of the market’s best photo editing, enhancing, sourcing, publishing and scheduling tools, there really is no reason why you can’t achieve implement a professional looking cohesive theme on Instagram just like the ones you’ve been lusting over!

Still not convinced? Click on the button below for some further assistance, in which we’ll reveal 3 of the best photo editing tools (personally vetted by us) for successfully achieving cohesive Instagram themes.

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