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How to create a highly converting Lead Magnet

Posted: 10th October 2017

A lead magnet may be, as Ryan Deiss describes it, “an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information”, but how can you ensure that any time you dedicate to creating and formatting ‘the ultimate lead magnet’ for your business won’t be wasted? How can you create content that encourages potential customers to part with their contact details, or that impresses readers enough to keep you ‘top of mind’ when they are considering purchasing a product or service from you in the future? How can you make your lead magnet truly ‘irresistible’?

When I’m helping a customer come up with Lead Magnet ideas, the first thing I ask them to do is think about their target audience: who is likely to make, or influence, the purchasing decision when it comes to their product or service?  Once they have determined that, the best advice that I can give is to create content that ‘solves a problem’ for their audience.  Do you want to appeal to Office Managers? Time saving tools and productivity hints and tips could be a tempting topic (although possibly a little clichéd), especially if your product or service could be recommended somewhere in there too!  Want to appeal to Small Business Owners? Think about what their ‘pain points’ could be – from taking on staff to finding funding – and create content that is interesting, engaging and provides a fresh take on that specific topic, if possible.

So now you’ve got the topic, what’s the best structure for your lead magnet? Listicles – i.e. ‘5 ways to…’ or ‘3 top tips to…’ – are a really popular way of presenting information to your audience, and seem to make content easier to digest with bite-size paragraphs rather than reams of dense text.  Evidence suggests that odd numbers in lists prove more engaging than even numbers, with Gilad Lotan (Head of Data Science for Buzzfeed) suggesting that the optimal length for a listicle is 29 points long

Other things to bear in mind when compiling content for your Lead Magnet, include the fact that it ideally needs to be jargon free – unless your audience are specifically a very technologically knowledgeable group.  Generally, clear and coherent content that is easily accessible and understandable by people who don’t necessarily have a detailed knowledge of your industry is the best, as this opens your lead magnet up to the greatest possible number of potentially interested parties.

Unsure what ‘top tips’ to give away in your Lead Magnet? I’m a firm believer in sharing your best material to impress the potential customers who have downloaded your content.  Think about it – you want your content, and your business, to be highly regarded in what is, essentially, a sea of content.  Clichéd or uninspiring content is unlikely to enthuse your readers, whereas real and actionable ‘take homes’ with practical advice are likely to both excite and motivate your audience, and make your content memorable and shareable!  This kind of content can also help to set you aside as an expert in your field, and plants a seed that whispers ‘if they are giving away content this good for free, imagine what you get if you pay!’

Once you’ve got your content, the next thing to consider is how you should deliver it to your audience of potential customers.  The most important thing to remember is that your content should be delivered immediately and be easy to access or download.  A tool like Lead Pages, with optimised and engaging landing pages, is a great tool to get people to see – and sign up for – the content that you have worked so hard to create!  When used in combination with a quality email marketing automation software (like Drip, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, etc.) you can ensure that the content (or a double opt in email confirmation, if appropriate) is sent out to the customer immediately after they have signed up and whilst their interest in the topic is at its freshest and strongest.

When created thoughtfully and executed well, lead magnets can reach a 30% conversion rate (as opposed to the 6-8% conversion rate that even the most optimised pop-up can generate) and once you have established a positive rapport with a potential customer, it is likely that you will find it simpler to encourage them to purchase from you in the future, especially if they are entered into a longer term nurture programme delivered via email marketing automation software.

So why not consider starting to create your very own business Lead Magnet today?

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