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How to Build Trust by Being Consistent with Your Marketing

Posted: 17th December 2018
How to Build Trust by Being Consistent with Your Marketing

I have said it so many times but here is another…

Consistency is a key element in the success of your marketing. Of course, there are other important factors but consistency is what will create brand recognition and trust. Consistency is what will build your tribe (community) so you can develop a trusting relationship. If you are not consistent then your loyal following will start to forget you and also your space on social media will be taken up by another more consistent account.

Let me give you an example: You go out to dinner at your favorite restaurant and you fall in love with your entrée. A few weeks later you take a friend to the same restaurant, order the same meal, but it tastes different and you send it back to the kitchen. Their lack of consistency in how your meal was prepared will now leave doubt in your head about that particular dish and possibly about the whole restaurant in general.

Doubt in a customer’s mind generally means you have to rebuild that trust again to show that they should continue doing business with you. It’s not impossible to earn their trust again but you’re basically starting from square one. And as we know building a loyal following can take time!

Have you ever had this occur: You opt-in to an email list that has great potential. You receive a few weekly emails and then nothing. Crickets. Then a month or two later you receive an email from that person again, making an offer to purchase their product. How does that lack of consistency make you feel? I’m guessing your first reaction would be, “Who or earth is this person?” The lack of consistency will cause you to forget who they are and why you signed up for their list in the first place. Lack of name recognition generally leads to, “I don’t know who you are so why would I give you my money?” Again, this business owner just made themselves a much harder task to win you over again.

It’s not just about how often you market to your audience but also the consistency with your brand overall.

When it comes to branding, consistency and repetition will help develop recognition. One of the ways I like to check this is by pulling together all of your marketing, website, social media posts, packaging, brochures, business cards posters etc etc. Firstly, as you scan your eye over them – do they look consistent? Then if you took the logo off all of them would you still know it was your company. The best consistent brands can do this! – Be consistent with your brand image, colors, and message, both online and offline so you’re always recognised.

Now so much of our business is done online it is even more important to ensure there is consistently across all of the places online that we can be found. As mentioned if there is an inconsistency it will reduce the trust element and your brand will have to work harder to convert that customer!

Have you reviewed your marketing recently? How consistent are you?