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Why Live Videos Are Becoming A Staple In Marketing Strategies

Posted: 11th April 2017

Software updates, new platforms and engagement add-ons come through thick and fast these days. The latest trend? Going Live on Social Media. Why Live Videos Are Becoming A Staple In Marketing Strategies

We say Social Media because although Facebook is the most dominant talking point of all right now, there are plenty of others following suit and some already well ahead of the times, such as Periscope and Snapchat.

The integration of Live Videos in Social Media has allowed marketers, niche experts and public figures to showcase their expertise, take people behind the scenes of their daily lives and announce new business endeavours.

The introduction of this technology has many benefits. In this article we’ll help you to discover why you should be going Live on Social Media and in our next post, the focus will be how exactly you can master a Live Video broadcast. Get ready to take notes!

Reasons for Going Live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Periscope

It can build the trust of your fans and followers

Live Streaming presents an incredible opportunity for brands and individuals to market themselves as trustworthy and en-trend. It is no secret that people buy from brands (or other people) that they can trust, so anything you can do to humanise your business the more successful you’re likely to be.

Live Videos have this unique ability to create an illusion of transparency.

Though they may well include CTA’s and product placement, they don’t feel like traditional advertisements in that they are commonly less manufactured and far more ‘spur of the moment’ – or at least, so it would seem!

Seeing a team of workers explaining their job or discussing a specific subject, inside a warehouse or office, without a camera crew or production team, inspires viewers to invest in what it is they’re doing… feeling a part of something rather than simply knowing you are one of many consumers makes a undeniable difference.

It is quickly becoming ‘expected’

Like it or not, you’ll have to learn to love Live Video Streaming as more and more consumers now expect to see it as part of your online marketing mix. Digital consumers have become just as savvy online as hagglers are at a market – they make judgements based on many different aspects, including your website, blog and social media.

If you’re not already using Live Video Streaming, it is probable your prospects are wondering why. Have you got something to hide? If not, then there really are no excuses. Typical of Social Media Marketing in general, going Live is also incredibly accessible and can be done on a very low, or even non-existent, budget… depending on how it is used.

It produces low-to-no-budget shareable content

The closing of the above paragraph brings us nicely onto our next reason for going Live, and that’s just how affordable it is to get yourself out there and start producing relatable, engaging content that people want to share and interact with.

A smartphone, an idea and a voice are pretty much all you need to lay the foundations for an effective Live Stream. Of course, our top tips are designed to give you a head start and avoid any hiccups but unless you’re living like you’re back in the historic cavemen times it is likely you already have all the fundamentals you need not just right now, but with you at all times!

It is approachable, and more forgiving

Taking the step to fill out a contact form on a website feels like a bit of a commitment even if it is not. Compare this to commenting on a Live Video Stream, where your questions can be answered directly and publically by a person (not automated emails or bots) while still in the comfort of your all-too familiar Facebook feed, maybe even discussing the service/subject/product amongst your friends and family at the very same time…

Simply put, this personable approach makes viewers convert a whole lot easier. Though Social Media is used professionally, the predominant vibe overall is incredibly intimate and friendly. Brands that are able to inject personality while retaining professionalism have the winning formula.

In addition to all this, Live Videos are acceptably authentic and cannot be edited – meaning there’s less pressure for everything to be picture-perfect at every stage and from every angle. Obviously don’t leave your washing pile on show to act as your backdrop, but also don’t panic if your intern walks in mid-vid to hand you a cup of tea – instead, use it as an opportunity to connect with your views by asking them to say hello or comment how they like their tea. Get creative! 

It allows for instant feedback

We were going to put ‘instant gratification’ but thought it irresponsible of us to mislead you into thinking that you shouldn’t expect a mixture of feedback from your Live Video Streams. You can’t please everyone and trolls are a very real issue in the online arena, so be prepared for all sorts to tune in and make sure you learn how to block accounts before you set up a stream.

That being said, there’s no denying that sparking an interest and receiving reactions in real-time will give both you and your brand a buzz like no other. You can prompt a Q&A, test the waters for discussion points and products you’re yet to put out there or give a little sneak peak behind-the-scenes look at an event your hosting. The options are endless and the platforms make interactions seamless – some even generate automatic push-through notifications so that those who follow your brand will know when your live and have less chance of missing it!

All platform providers are recognising the potential of Live Video, and with Facebook putting a huge amount of emphasis on the new feature marketers cannot ignore it as an effective avenue of promotion to incorporate into their overall marketing strategies.

Have you found this article helpful? Are you ready to take your Social Media to the next level? Head over to Twitter or Facebook to let us know your thoughts.

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