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Top 5 Tips to improve your Facebook Advertising

Posted: 9th May 2016
Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are here to stay – the growth of the channel stands as proof of the claim. According to Facebook statistics for March 2016, the portal has 1.09 billion daily active users, 989 million of which access the portal through a smartphone. Approximately 84.2 per cent of the members live in countries other than the US and Canada.

What does it take to reach this massive group of people? The answer is both simple and complex at the same time – an effective Facebook marketing strategy. Building the perfect advertising campaign depends on multiple factors. Here are some of the most important essentials for the success of Facebook advertising.

Have a Good Idea about Your Audience

The Facebook audience is truly diversified. With a few exceptions, you can find representatives of all demographic and social groups on the social network. Thus, you have to come up with an audience persona before moving on to the advertising campaign planning phase.

Who’s your ideal prospect? Where does the person live? What’s their social status and what are they interested in? Facebook gives you great opportunities to target exactly the type of person you want to, however, you should a very clear idea about who you’re trying to reach and what that person is interested in.

Use Quality Multimedia

During 2015, the number of daily video views on Facebook went up from four to eight billion. It’s also interesting to point out that Facebook posts that are accompanied by images produce almost 2.3 times more engagement than the ones that feature solely text.To make your messages more intriguing and eye-catching, you should focus on the use of quality multimedia.

The importance of photos and videos is determined by two very specific facts. For a start, people are visual creatures.

The human brain needs a very short amount of time to process visuals in comparison to the amount of time required to process a text. The second fact is that the internet user’s attention span is going down. A recent Microsoft study suggest that it has gone down from 12 to eight seconds. People don’t take the time to read through text. Unless it’s something incredibly catchy, they will give up after scanning it quickly.

Images are processed quickly and they tell a complete story in a matter of seconds. The same applies to videos. These are the reasons why Facebook content featuring multimedia has a better chance of going viral.

To accomplish the goal, make sure your idea is original and that the quality of the video is high enough. You’re competing against many other advertisers who want to capture the attention of the audience. To stand out, you have to be both original and professional in your approach.

Boost Posts Strategically

Post boosting is fun, it’s inexpensive and you’ll feel drawn to test it on everything that you publish. Don’t give in to the temptation, boost posts strategically.

Take some time to analyse the posts that have performed best in the past. These are the ones that appeal to your audience the most. Also, understand your goal when doing the promotion. Do you want to attract new followers? Are you interested in increasing the popularity of your brand? Maybe you want to send traffic to your corporate website? These matter because they’ll determine which post types are best to promote.

After you make the decision, use the post boost audience selection feature to your advantage. Facebook gives you a chance to make this promotion targeted. You can choose your audience on the basis of age, gender, location and interests. Once you do the targeting, you’ll get a rough estimate about the number of people you’re going to reach.

Where possible I would recommend that you set up all your adverts via the Ads Manger or Power Editor. These are not as simple, to use because of the additional options and you may require training, however, you often get much better results than if you just boosted the post.

Test What Works before Moving on

Facebook gives you access to a medley of tools that you can use to analyse performance. Seeing what has worked and what has failed in the past will make it a lot easier to plan campaigns in the future.

You may want to review your Facebook Insights on a weekly basis. You get a breakdown of the new actions on your page, the reach, most viewed and most engaging content, audience demographics, video views and how your organic content is performing in comparison to the campaigns you’ve paid for.

This wealth of information is incredibly valuable. You can pinpoint mistakes and avoid making them in the future. You can spend your marketing budget more effectively and increase return on investment (ROI). You can even run the analysis while a marketing campaign is taking place to increase its effectiveness.

Get Professional Assistance

Having access to so much information and so many tools is great but it can also get tricky. How do you get started? Which Facebook metrics are the most important ones? These are crucial questions and if you don’t have the experience, it may be difficult to find the right answer.

Facebook is a huge channel and you shouldn’t waste the opportunity to connect with the right crowd. Hiring a professional to do the campaign for you is an incredibly good idea. This approach is very cost-efficient and if you’ve chosen the right person for the job, you’ll enjoy a higher ROI.


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