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Using Video Marketing to Generate Leads and Grow Your Business

Posted: 13th September 2015
Video Marketing to Generate Leads

So many options to choose among, so little time to make the right decision! When it comes to inbound marketing, which strategy is the one capable of delivering the highest ROI? As marketing campaigns get more and more colorful and the attention span of audiences becomes shorter, multimedia promotion is thriving.

With more than one billion users and 300 hours of video uploaded every single minute, YouTube is the absolute leader in the field of video marketing. Is your company on YouTube? If not, you’re missing on a huge opportunity to reach a large pool of prospects and deliver your message in the most effective manner.

Video marketing is on the rise because of the multiple benefits it brings to the table. Understanding these advantages and having some idea about the execution of a successful YouTube campaign will both have an impact on your efforts.

The Benefits of Online Video Promotion

Many marketing experts believe that 2015 is the year of video promotion. According to Hubspot statistics, 78 percent of internet users watch video on a weekly basis. Nearly 55 percent of the people questioned watch online clips every single day.

By 2018, video will take up 79 percent of consumer internet traffic (in comparison to 57 percent right now). What are these numbers telling your business? Video will gain more and more prominence, turning in the ideal opportunity for reaching your target.

Getting started with video promotion right now will give you a chance to enjoy a vast range of crucial benefits:

  • Increased brand awareness: video doesn’t have to be professionally-created in order to go viral. The idea counts and if you have an idea that reaches your prospects, chances are that you’ll boost brand awareness quickly and effectively.
  • Higher level of engagement: a study carried out way back in 2007 suggests that 80 percent of internet users recall videos they’ve seen over the past 30 days. In addition, these people are likely to undertake actions after watching a video – doing a bit of additional research, calling the company or engaging with it in any other way.
  • Improved user experience: video series, Q&A clips and how-to guides are excellent tools to give customers more information and help improve their experience.
  • Excellent targeting options: since it has such a humongous number of members, YouTube is perfect for doing marketing and reaching the right target audience. A campaign could be targeted through the use of tags, the video description and even its title.
  • Video can easily go viral: of all advertising formats, video is the one that has the highest potential of going viral. If people like the message, they’ll share the video. Here’s just one example – an exquisitely shot Renault ad featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme broke the internet in 2013 and it’s been seen more than 80.59 million times since its upload.
  • Video can generate more sales: yes, you can use video to drive sales. Statistics suggest that people are anywhere between 64 and 85 percent more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video (in comparison to reading about it).

To experience all of these benefits, you need to have a great marketing idea and you also should gain some understanding about how YouTube marketing works. Here are the basics.

Tips for Creating a YouTube Channel

Before getting started with video uploads, you’ll need to create and optimize a YouTube channel.

A channel should carry all of your corporate identity elements. You can add your logo, slogan and other elements that help your brand stand out. Profile information is also important – use it to tell the world a bit more about yourself and the type of content you’re going to be uploading.

As a YouTube publisher, you can optimize the channel by choosing many different types of videos to upload. Come up with a plan and have a good idea about the best formats. Most companies rely on how-to videos, product presentations, client testimonials, Q&A videos, trend recaps, surveys, interviews and illustrative animations.

The frequency of uploads is as important as the quality of the videos. Make sure that you’re adding something new to the channel on a regular basis in order to keep the momentum going.

Optimizing Your Videos for Search and Social Sharing

You have your channel, it’s now time to start uploading the videos. Being strategic about the attributes of each clip is once again of uttermost importance for increasing exposure and enabling the audience to do the promotion instead of you.

The YouTube video search is a powerful tool. Did you know that YouTube is actually the second biggest search engine after Google? Every single month, YouTube processes more than three billion searches and right now, it’s bigger than Bing, Ask, Yahoo and AOL combined.

In order to have your clips appearing among the top searches of preference, you need to have optimized video titles, optimized descriptions and optimized tags. Use the YouTube search box and type in a search related to your field. The auto-complete feature will give you a better idea about what topics within the industry interest people. Use this information to create compelling video titles and descriptions that will drive traffic to your images.

It’s also imperative to optimize your videos for social sharing. Did you know that 500 tweets are shared per minute containing YouTube video links? Every week, more than 100 million people take social actions on YouTube (they share videos, favorite them or write comments).

Get started by promoting videos on your own social media channels. Having Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles on top of your YouTube channel will be ideal for doing cross-promotion, Also, stick to trendy topics that people are interested in. If you’re doing something that’s hot right now, chances are that your video will get shared more often. The YouTube trend dashboard gives you tons of information about what different demographics are interested in. This data will be invaluable when it comes to putting together your video marketing plan.

Facebook, YouTube or All Channels?

At this point, you may be wondering about choosing one social network over the others and doing quality promotion. After all, maintaining several quality social profiles is going to be a difficult task. Focusing on a few social networks and doing a good job will be a much better idea than trying to do everything and failing miserably, right?

The truth is that each channel has a specific purpose and it can help you accomplish a particular marketing goal.

In addition, doing cross-channel promotion is great for growing your social media presence and driving more traffic to your most important campaigns. Promoting your YouTube channel on Facebook is an ideal opportunity for getting it developed while also diversifying your content.

Video promotion can be a really effective maketing tool and a great way for customers and prospects to engage in your business. Get the best video production from 7video – 0844 576 3446. Then when you have it produced get in touch to help maximize your views and engagement.

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