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Ways in Which Businesses can Maximise Their LinkedIn Exposure

Posted: 13th November 2015
Maximise Linkedin

LinkedIn is far from an abstract, digital opportunity for keeping in touch with colleagues and former business partners. Some of businesses are making effective use of the social network by generating leads and even closing deals through the virtual communication tools it brings to the table.

How’s your business represented on the most popular professional social network?

Chances are that you’re not making the best possible use of your profile, your corporate page and the dozens of interaction tools. Especially beneficial for B2B companies but just as suitable for just about everyone else, LinkedIn can be a truly effective inbound channel.

If you’re not certain whether your LinkedIn presence is strong enough, the following article is just right for you. Keep on reading to find out what it takes to maximise your exposure, generate qualified leads and ultimately – grow your business.

Why is LinkedIn Important for Your Business?

When it comes to B2B lead generation, LinkedIn happens to be the most effective channel. Nearly 44 per cent of B2B marketers say that they’ve generated leads through LinkedIn. In comparison, 39 per cent of them managed to generate leads through Facebook and 30 per cent – through Twitter.

The attitude of consumers is also shaping up the effectiveness of campaign carried out on LinkedIn. According to official statistics, 50 per cent of the LinkedIn members say that they’re more likely to buy from a company that’s properly represented on the social network.

Though the social network is strictly dedicated to professional interactions, it has managed to create a solid and loyal community.

Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Company Page

Boosting LinkedIn exposure is all about the content you share and the communities that you participate in. Before doing anything else, however, it’s imperative to focus on the basics.

So many businesses don’t put a lot of effort in the company page creation, which is why multiple LinkedIn pages look mediocre at best. The goal here is to be informative and stand out of the crowd. Putting a bit of creativity and some preliminary planning in the process will result in a company page that people would like to spend more time exploring.

In order to make your LinkedIn company page memorable, you’ll have to accomplish all of the following:

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of the summary: this is your chance to tell the world who you are and what you stand for. Don’t underestimate the importance of this summary and don’t just copy the same text from your other social media profiles. Keep it short, make it interesting and tell the word right from the start what the page is all about and why people should spend some time exploring it.
  • Fill out all of the details: the more detailed you are in the description, the better. Choose specialties and your industry. These will enable people searching for particular terms to come across your profile. Include the link to your company’s website or portfolio, giving people a better idea about your work. Also, make sure that the profile features corporate identity element like your logo and tagline.
  • Come up with a content plan: after dealing with the basics, come up with a content plan. Use your company page to share interesting articles, blog posts and news pertaining to your industry. Make sure that you’re adding images, videos and infographics to the mix.
  • Ask employees to connect with the page: having company employees liking and sharing the page will be the first step towards growing its popularity and increasing the number of followers you have.
  • Make use of LinkedIn showcase pages: LinkedIn showcase pages have been especially created for the needs of companies. These are used to highlight specific aspects of the business like initiatives, new developments and initiatives. These are much more targeted and niche than the general company page, which allows for acquiring the right audience and making the pages more influential.

Advanced Techniques for Maximising LinkedIn Exposure

It all starts with building the right business page. Once you do that, however, you’ll have to focus on several other opportunities for reaching prospects and building meaningful relationships. The good news is that LinkedIn gives you various additional opportunities.

Join Groups

Specialised industry groups are perfect for building your reputation as an expert in the particular field. Just browse through the medley of LinkedIn groups to identify opportunities for effective communication. Make sure that the communities you’re interested in joining have a sufficiently big number of members.

Joining communities isn’t about spamming people with your promo messages. Instead, share your expertise and discuss relevant topics. When possible, share a link to a text that you’ve written (as long as it’s relevant and informative). By being active in such communities, you’ll enable your profile to get recognition and you’ll begin working on effective LinkedIn networking.

Publish a Post

This is another great marketing tool made available through LinkedIn Pulse. You can write about any professional topic of interest. The post will be featured on your profile page, on the LinkedIn Pulse page and if the quality is high enough – in a relevant group.

LinkedIn Pulse content could potentially be featured on the homepage and sent to members in the form of a newsletter. This is why you should focus on creating quality texts and choosing interesting topics. The more engaging and original the idea is, the higher your chance of reaching millions of targeted prospects.

Be Patient, the Efforts will Pay Off

There are dozens of case studies showing why it’s important to put effort in your LinkedIn campaigns. Carrying out a LinkedIn campaign and maximising your exposure can happen free of charge, as long as you’re willing to put your sleeves up and work on content/networking.

LinkedIn is a social network that evolves all the time. It started as a stiff and somewhat boring professional community. Today, it gives experts representing dozens of industries an opportunity to communicate with each other, share their expertise and potentially stand out. If you’d like to be one of these professionals, you’ll have to put the hours in. Sooner or later, you’ll begin getting the exposure and the return that your business deserves.