Public Speaking

Holding an event, conference or exhibition? Looking for a confident and interesting speaker on Social Media or Marketing? Look no further.

Social Media & Marketing Speaker

Regardless of the event or size I can tailor my presentation to meet the audience and event objectives. I am truly passionate about providing the audience with the key relevant & interesting facts, with real life examples, as well as useable tips that they can take away and use in their own businesses.

My Social Media & Marketing speaking is based on actual experience I’ve accumulated through the years. I manage numerous Social Media accounts for clients across all platforms and feel confident in my ability to address just about every social media marketing issue and trend that your audience could potentially be interested in.

I can tailor my presentation about marketing to the needs of any client. I have experience with conferences, events, exhibitions and professional workshops. Some of the topics I can cover, include the following:

  • Social Media Marketing essentials
  • The latest Social Media Marketing trends
  • Organic vs. paid Social Media advertising
  • Profile management and content curation
  • Coming up with an audience profiles
  • Insights, analysis and progress tracking
  • Brand Advocacy
  • Marketing basics

I’ll keep the presentation relevant, interesting and based on both facts and actual examples. Finally, I will provide useful tips and suggestions that every business can use to make the most of social media, online reputation and paid advertising opportunities.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch today, to book me for your next event.

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